About Us

Welcome to HiMillionaires Coaching with Coach Honey ! We're not just a coaching company; we're your partners in growth, empowerment, and success. Our story began with a shared passion for helping individuals break through barriers, set bold goals, and create lasting positive change.

At HiMillionaires, our mission is to ignite the spark within individuals, guiding them to unleash their potential and achieve remarkable results. Expanding their portfolios and earning more passive income. Our core values shape our approach:

  • We genuinely understand and connect with our clients' challenges and aspirations.

  • We stay ahead by embracing innovative coaching techniques that drive transformative outcomes.

  • We believe in the power of resilience and help our clients navigate setbacks to emerge stronger.

Led by a team of skilled coaches, each with a unique background and expertise, Momentum Coaching offers a comprehensive array of coaching services. From career growth to personal development, we provide tailored solutions that empower individuals to overcome obstacles and thrive.

The Momentum Method is the heart of our coaching approach. It's a blend of evidence-based practices, personalized strategies, and actionable steps designed to create momentum for sustainable change. We work side by side with our clients to co-create effective plans that lead to tangible results.


Our coaching philosophy centers around the belief that every individual possesses untapped potential. We see our role as catalysts, unlocking that potential and enabling clients to become architects of their own success.


Coach Honey believes giving back is ingrained in our DNA. So Through our "Coaching for Impact" program, we offer coaching to nonprofit leaders and community members, contributing to positive change beyond individual growth. We aide in giving back to single mothers, single fathers and most of all the homeless.

Our Future Vision

As we look to the future, we envision expanding our reach to empower even more individuals globally. Our goal is to establish HiMillionaires Coaching as a beacon of excellence in the coaching industry, setting new standards for impactful coaching experiences.


Join us on & embark on a transformative journey towards unlocking your full potential. Together, let's inspire a brighter future. The journey to your success and fulfillment made easy. With HiMillionaires Coaching, you have a dedicated partner committed to propelling you forward.

As we continue to expand, our vision remains unwavering: to be a global force for positive change through coaching. We aim to reach a broader audience, impact more lives, and further elevate the coaching industry's standards.





Being able to inspire others fuels her fire. She is more than an inspirational coach, motivational coach and a professional coach. Most of all she stands for women's empowerment and teaching the youth and those who are not aware how to achieve financial freedom and generational wealth. 


Coach Honey believes everything starts with the mind set. When you step into your true divine self you step into your true power. Coach Honey believes YOU CAN DO & BE ANYTHING YOU DESIRE! You just first get in alignment with it to receive it. She helps those to transition from the proverty (POOR)(PASSING.OVER.OPPORTUNITIES REPEATEDLY) mindset to the wealthy millionaire mindset. Everyone needs to achieve their greatest dreams and aspirations.


Once you unlock your true power and talent,  Coach Honey will assist you in not only finding, but knowing and understanding that there is more to life than working 40-80 hours a week, for over 60 years for a 401k plan and a retirement check. 


She is a very unorthodox Coach. Her teachings and coaching approach may not be what you're use to, but it may be what you need in order to succeed. Honey believes in accountability, hold yourself accountable for all actions and thoughts.

Honey believes in making money in your sleep and not working too hard to get it. Money is nothing but an energy you must learn to attract. In order to attract it you must get aligned with it, to attract more of it. ANYONE can get on the frequency of money but first, you must be able to find it That frequency.