Surplus Funds

Surplus Funds

What are Surplus funds?

Surplus funds are extra monies above the foreclosure judgment amount held by the Clerk of Court following a sale in a foreclosure case. The plaintiff in such cases (either the Bank or the Association) may only bid up to its judgment amount at the sale.

How do people get paid for surplus funds?

You get paid for doing the leg work so the client doesn't have to do it. Some people have no clue that they are even owed funds from their foreclosed house/land that went up for auction. The county has already tried to reach out to them regarding their checks however they was not successful in locating or speaking to the client. So their money is being held until they actually claim the money. That's where we come into play. We skip trace and find the clients reach out to them to let them know they are owed money and we let them know we can assist them with getting it for a small percentage. We get paid to actually do the work for them to receive their money. In return we ask for a small percentage for the work that was rendered for them to receive their money.

Where Does All This Money Come From?

Properties foreclose through Counties (tax foreclosure), Mortgage Companies & HOA's daily.  Yet hardly anyone knows what happens after foreclosure – even most attorneys don’t know about this!  


Foreclosure example:  A home forecloses for $350K and the mortgage debt totals $300K, including attorney's fees.  By law The bank can't keep the overage.  The bank is obligated to give that $50K (the overage or surplus) back to the Court to hold.  If there are no liens or judgments, the ex-owner can then collect the money which is rightfully theirs.


We Teach You How to Go About Getting the List and making a deal with the ex-owner. We will even partner with you on Deals to assist you in getting your feet wet.



There are 2 ways to use the system...

1.  Build your own business, make your own deals, maximizing income. Everything you need can and will be taught to you. For you to build your own team and handle everything yourself.


2.  Become a partner.  Using our skills and systems, you find deals, do basic research, refer the deals to us & make a commission while we do all the leg work for you. We provide the list of surplus funds and the counties we work with.


  • You'll find the clients.

  • You'll skip trace the clients.

  • We'll close the deals.

  • We'll pay any buyouts to claimants.

  • We'll hire and pay for the attorney.

  • We'll pay you a beautiful commission.


You will be trained on how to cold call, how to skip trace, how to speak to counties, how to build a team, how to locate lawyers, etc. With surplus funds some people may start as researchers, save money, then do deals on their own.. We encourage for our clients to branch off on their own and close their own deals and with our experts leading and teaching the way, it'll be more easier to close deals when you are on your own.


The system works rather you are part time, full time, or as a stand alone business. You can make $1000's per week working during your lunch hour! or if you want to dive in and spend 3-4 hours a day you'll benefit greatly.


This Works For Anyone Regardless of Background, Education, Age Etc. Start making money in as little as 6 weeks!

For more information about what we do, and how you can get involved, please schedule a free call and one of our experts will reach out to you with more details and if you're ready they can get you started on that call.