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HiMillionaires Coaching

HiMillionaires Coaching

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Our 1-ON-1 coaching service provides personalized advice, tailored to your specific individual needs with Coach Honey, helping you every step of the way for the entire 2024❤️

Our coach use proven techniques to help you reach your goals quickly and effectively. Take your dreams to the next level with our comprehensive coaching.

A full intense coaching with weekly/bi-weekly calls and business improvement, goal setting, mindset shifting powerhouse. With access to unlimited resources, you will never pay for any ebooks or courses that are launched by HiMillionaires Coach Honey. Receive discounts on all merchandise and brunches to come. The entire 2024 year!

We will be assisting you with:

  • Starting a new business and building business credit to receive funding or if you already have an established business we will assist you with building it to secure funding
  • Building personal credit and learning how to leverage your credit 
  • Getting started with Government Contracting
  • Branding and marketing yourself and or brand
  • Goal setting and strategic planning on how to accomplish the goal which was set
  • Social Media Content planning and strategic ways to reach your target audience 
  • Turning followers into supporters and buyers
  • Creating passive income and residual income
  • Investment resources (Laundromat businesses, Cannabis business, Airbnbs, Call Center, Rental Company, ATM/Vending machine business, etc)
     and more! Slots are limited 

Customer Reviews

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Tyonna Andrews

I could literally write a WHOLE essay on how helpful, patient, and GREAT Coach Honey is! She has been my mentor since 2021/2022. She genuinely cares about helping people and is very patient with you & will stand besides you and make sure you succeed at whatever it is you are doing. She is like a Sister, Aunt, and cousin lol! I love her. 💕 i would give her a thousand stars if i could!

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