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Payment Plan Roadmap 3.0

Payment Plan Roadmap 3.0

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What You Will Learn!

The Roadmap is a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course.

Learn Business Development, Marketing Principles, and Automation.

Start Your Successful and Thriving Online Business!

  • Foundation of Business
  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Branding Your Business
  • S.E.O.
  • Optimizing Sales
  • Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Success Mindset

Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism

  • Learn about the emergence of digital entrepreneurialism and how you can become your own expert in online business, digital marketing, branding, sales automation and so much more!

How to Set Up Automation in Your Business

  • Building Your Own Sales Process for The Roadmap
  • Customizing Your Own Funnel
  • Branding Your Own MRR Business

Optimize Your Sales Process

  • Ways to Drive Sales & Optimize Your Sales Process.
  • Drive more Sales on Demand,
  • Optimize Your Sales Process, and Trouble-shoot any Sales Process Issues.

Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing for Automated Follow ups in your business teaches the implementation of automated email sequences to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth.

Brand Expansion

  • Srategically broaden your brand's offerings, reach, and influence to attract new audiences, enter new markets, and strengthen its presence across various platforms and channels.

Content Strategy

  • How to create high value and high converting content to help you make more sales in your business.
  • Connect with your target audience, achieve specific business goals, and enhance the overall brand image and online presence.

Search Engline Optimization

  • Learn the high income skill of Search Engine Optimization to raise awareness for your brand.
  • Optimize your content, to improve its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages.

Success Mindset

  • This section is entirely built by our community. Mastering your Mindset is vital to success, you will get to hear from community members and the mindset practices they take to succeed.

Social Media Strategy

  • Dive into Social Media Marketing: Boost your brand, engage your audience, and drive results through effective strategies and compelling content.

Business Tools

  • A list of interactive tools designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, facilitate communication, and support various aspects of managing and growing a business effectively.

Passion Building

  • Discover your passions and learn how to shape a business around them. Learn to align your expertise with market needs, resulting in a venture driven by genuine enthusiasm and a higher likelihood of success.

Master Resell Rights

  • The Distribution Rights for this product. The Zip Files allow you to download all training videos to your own files as you own the right to resell them.

Over 597 Video Lessons and Growing!


This is for you if...

✔️You want to become debt free!

✔️You want to spend more time with family!

✔️ You want to end the 9-5 Grind!

✔️ You want to work from anywhere!

✔️ You are tired of struggling and feeling stuck!

✔️ Want to start your own online business!



Stage 1: Foundation

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Digital Entrepreneurialism
  • Module 2 - Understanding Your Niche
  • Module 3 - Building a Solid Business Base
  • Module 4 - Tailoring a Business to Your Visiion
  • Module 5 - Branding Essentials

Stage 2: Automation

  • Module 6 - Introduction to Business Automation
  • Module 7 - Option 1 - Stan Store
  • Module 8 - Option 2 - - Build Your Own Funnel
  • Module 9 - Option 3 - - Pre-built Funnel
  • Module 10 - Email Marketing Mastery
  • Module 11 - Email Marketing with Stan Store
  • Module 12 - Email Marketing with

Stage 3: Driving Traffic

  • Module 13 - Sales Strategy and Content Creation
  • Module 14 - Tik Tok
  • Module 15 - Facebook
  • Module 16 - Instagram
  • Module 17 - YouTube
  • Module 18 - Pinterest
  • Module 19 - LinkedIn
  • Module 20 - Blogging
  • Module 21 - Video Editing with CapCut
  • Module 22 - Affiliate Marketing

Stage 4: Build Your Offer

  • Module 23 - From Idea to Market Ready Product
  • Module 24 - Creatives with Canva
  • Module 25 - How to Build a Written Digital Product
  • Module 26 - How to Build a Video Based Digital Product
  • Module 27 - How to Build Your Course on Skool
  • Module 28 - How to Host Your Course on Kajabi

Stage 5: Scale with Customer Service

  • Module 29 - Organization and Importance of Customer Lifetime Value
  • Module 30 - The Downloads


  • I'm also including the 'ROADMAP LAUNCH LIBRARY' worth over 20 books for FREE! This will help you get started with marketing the course to others and includes loads of time saving content. This also comes with MRR/PLR so you can edit and resell as your own.

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